Botus Fleming and Hatt Neighbourhood Development Plan

Vision Statement

Following our consultations and online survey, we have produced a Vision Statement based on our findings. This statement represents an aspiration and is not a plan or a statement of intent. It gives us an intended destination to aspire to while conforming to the obligations and limitations set by National and Local Policy. Consultation is an on-going process and we will be seeking your views on the various aspects of the plan as we go on. We are also open to any other comments you may have on the work done so far or any other matters relating to Neighbourhood Planning.

Our Vision Statement

The Parish of Botus Fleming will be defined by its quiet, rural nature by protecting the distinct character of both our villages by maintaining our rustic boundary, by preserving our countryside, and protecting our fauna and flora for recreation and community wellbeing.

We will have responded to the housing needs of our community when necessary with sympathetic development. All development would have been undertaken only to satisfy demonstrable local housing needs, and conform to the rural character comprising of only small developments in keeping with their surroundings.

Any new housing development would have provided a level of affordable, starter and other appropriate accommodation to meet the needs of our community.

We will have obtained funding to construct a permanent recreation area together with a community centre with changing facilities. Sporting and recreational facilities for young and older people would be available.

The community centre would be available for all to utilise in a diverse range of activities, encouraging varieties of leisure, cultural and sporting facilities and activities to enable opportunities for all, including youngsters and older people.

There would be integrated public transport (with associated pedestrian walkways and cycle routes) and safer roads (through effective traffic management; traffic calming, cameras etc) in order to serve the growing and changing population.

There would be more opportunities for small businesses and assistance for parishioners to work from home by making high speed broadband available for all members of the community.

Our community would be cleaner with appropriate recycling, refuse and dog mess-depositing facilities. All would assist in keeping our environment clean and tidy by becoming active in the collection of refuse. More proactivity, through community involvement and neighbourhood watch, against fly tipping and anti-social behaviour.

Improved services, facilities and amenities will have improved our quality of life, created a sense of well-being, promoted community safety and enabled active and healthy lifestyles for all members of the community. The sense of community spirit and cohesion will have been promoted, fostered and increased.

We will have a stronger and vibrant neighbourhood and rural economy, improved community safety through neighbourhood watch, amenities and facilities for all users, and ensure that our parish remains a special place to live.

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